Architectural Photography – Bradkay Photographix

Architecture serves as a voice to express the artistic stance of the architect at that time. Photography takes it a step further to interpret architecture in several ways.

With interior of buildings photography more than anywhere else, lighting is the key.

When taking photographs of the interior of buildings it is best to use natural light wherever possible. You want the light to flow naturally in your picture and help lead the eye. You want the lighting to be transparent, and you want people to know it’s there, but you don’t want them to be able to figure out how you did it. Your goal is natural looking, realistic lighting across the whole frame.

Lighting makes the shot. With this in mind, flash is a must in many situations where lighting is dim or you need to balance daylight and indoor lights to make a natural scene.

Interior photography can take you to interesting places and get your work noticed by lots of people. Each photo shoot presents new spaces to work with which makes interior photography a great skill to know.

Photographing architecture and interiors is a challenge. The goal of interior photography gold coast is to create interesting and dynamic, yet an accurate representation of spaces.

Look at unique ways to capture a location’s personality and showcase its true character. If the building is an old brick house, look for unique brick details you can highlight. If it is an ultra-sleek modern building, look for unique light patterns or quirky architectural details.

Every interior and building has a story, so a good way to succeed is to find it and capture it for your client.

Angles can work great for some close up shots, but beware: inside it can make walls look like they are crashing down. Choose a strong angle and think about your composition. Sometimes a strong, simple head-on angle works best. Using your room’s architectural framework as a guide, point your camera so that it aligns perfectly with one of your walls.

Interior photography won’t appeal to everyone. To be successful at it, you must be patient, detail oriented, with an eye for style and colour schemes, and possess a basic understanding and appreciation for architecture.


Buildings at night in Surfers paradise The golf Course at Royal Pines at night