Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Professional Architectural & Real Estate Photography is not just an important element of your real estate marketing campaign; it is fast becoming the most essential one.

When you market your home for the first time it is important to decide if you want to use daytime or twilight photography.

Daytime photography is perfect for: low to mid-priced homes, rental properties, and apartments with a view and rural or lifestyle properties.

Twilight or Dusk photography is perfect for mid to high level homes, apartments with spectacular night views, homes that need that extra marketing to help sell them. Rural or lifestyle properties may also benefit. It is considered a premium product and can really help demonstrate the beauty of a home.

The light that appears around dusk could really showcase your property by emphasising the intense rich colours of the exterior and interior.

Sometimes both day and night-time images are needed to provide a complete overview of the project, as rooms often have a different look, or “feel”, at different times of the day.

Taking the time to hire a professional property photographer will make you stand out from the competition. The agent will appreciate your efforts and they could do more to sell your home.

It has been said many times before, but first impressions really do count.

By hiring a professional photographer you are allowing your property to have the best chance possible to sell and stand out from a property similar to your own.

BradKay Photographix is well known for taking spectacular photographs of homes and will showcase your properties beauty.

Royal Pines gold course at sunset Surfers Paradise building at night