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Commercial Builders have been using Bradkay Photographix to highlight their work for many years. As the importance of having a Commercial website to ” show off ” your work has grown, Bradkay has been called upon more and more often.

There is no escaping the need to have quality Imagery out in the marketplace.  Amateur looking imagery taken with an Iphone or pocket camera just doesn’t cut it in the real world where imagery is everything.  Marketing Research will tell you that you get 85% more click throughs and that people will stay on your website 50% longer if you have Professional Quality Imagery on your front Page.

To highlight your work in the best possible way always choose a Professional Photographer.  A quick look at our Portfolio will tell you that we are trusted by some of the leading commercial Builders in South East Queensland.

Can you afford not to use a Professional ?  Contact Us now on [email protected]