Choosing a Location for your Wedding with Bradkay Photographix

Location, location, location……Planning your perfect wedding starts with the location.

The location is of utmost importance. Follow your heart and choose a place that best reflects you both as a couple. Look for a place that both you and your friends and relatives can relax in and your wedding is sure to be a wonderful day.

There are amazing locations almost everywhere, so knowing where to start looking can be a little overwhelming. Friends and family can be a great source of suggestions or recommendations.

More and more unique locations have become available. Start your search with a clear idea and you can’t go wrong.

 Start with an idea of how many guests you will be inviting. Will it be a big party or more of an intimate wedding? When thinking about numbers, keep in mind that the amount of guests you intend to invite can have an impact on the location you choose.

The style of your day is important when deciding on your location. Do you want to be outside or inside? Whether you want a traditional church wedding followed by a formal reception or a relaxed ceremony in a sunny location followed by a big party.

 If you envision an outdoor wedding where your guests will enjoy the beauty of spring or summer, find out what back up plans the venue has to offer in the event of bad weather.

Think about how much of your overall budget you would like to spend on the location of your wedding. If you have your heart set on a location there could be ways around it if the budget is a bit tight.

 If you have found the venue of your dreams but cant afford the price tag, ask what they could offer for a weekday or winter wedding. Many venues will offer serious discounts off peak. A bit of money is better than no money as far as they are concerned.

 Consider how well equipped the location is. Will there be enough parking?

 You have to remember that when choosing your wedding venue, the most essential thing to consider is how you feel about the place. If you envision yourself getting married there then it is definitely the perfect spot for you.

 Bradkay Photographix will work with you on your special day to create beautiful, artistic, natural and timeless memories.

A picture of the Bridal Party jumping in front of their Kombi van


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