Common mistakes to avoid when Photographing Products !

You see products in magazines and advertising everyday without even thinking about how these images actually came about. Photographing products can be a challenging and rewarding experience whether it is food, clothing, handbags or jewelry. Each scenario requires a slightly different approach.

You only have a few short seconds to convince your viewers that your products are top quality and that your company is trustworthy. If your photos look bad or unprofessional then a potential customer may not give you a chance.

It is not easy to get product photography right. Mistakes are made when photographing a product. We all make mistakes……..

Below are the most common mistakes made concerning product photography and how to avoid them:

Using the wrong camera setting. This mistake is made when you don’t understand what each setting does. Learn the camera settings by reading the instruction manual before you start photographing.

Make sure your cameras settings are for the largest and the best quality files. This is important if you want to see your images in print.

Lighting is very important in photographing products. Make sure you set the product up to have an even light around it, avoiding harsh shadows. A well lit area with bright lights is a great idea.

Blurry or distorted photos are caused by stretching an image larger than it should be shown or an out- of- focus camera. If the client or customer can’t see the image then they probably won’t buy it.

Less is more. If you are photographing a product to sell, you don’t want to confuse the buyer. If you have to add things into the background of your photograph don’t let them distract from the product.

Photographing a product without the proper camera settings (shutter speed and aperture) can cause this problem. This is where the skill and knowledge of a professional photographer really can make a difference.

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