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If you are a food artist or seeking a cookery job, you can make a portfolio that can help you showcase your talent, promote your services or restaurant. A portfolio will provide a central hub for information about you, your experience, your menus, recipes, awards, certificates.

Your portfolio is your first introduction to your food that customers will receive if on a menu at a café or restaurant and having great pictures can make a world of difference.

If you run a restaurant, bar or café you know how important your menu is. People eat with their eyes and a photograph of the food needs to be amazing to draw a customer in.

Professional food photographers Gold Coast will engineer the perfect photos for your portfolio and menu and present them in the best possible way with a variety of methods that will bring the vibrancy and appeal of food. Choosing which particular high edge dishes that you want to feature more prominently in your portfolio you will definitely impress.

A great looking food menu can look as good on your website as it does in your restaurant, bar or café. The professional photographs that are taken in the shoot will display your creativity and will be the highlight of any website. Printing some photographs off for your portfolio and menus will enable your business to shine showcasing the exquisite food that is presented.

When more and more people check your website before deciding whether or not to dine at your establishment, a beautiful set of food photographs can really give you the edge over the competition.

BradKay Photographix takes great pride in food photography Gold Coast. Browse through our gallery and get a taste of our work.

peaches in a glass jar with creamraw steak with olive oil & mushroomsCoconut brownies on a white plate