Hair and Makeup for your wedding !

So you have found your perfect soul mate, you have set the date, and booked the location now you have to find the perfect hair and makeup artist. With such an important day, you want to make sure you look absolutely stunning and the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is your hair and makeup. So where to start?

The best place to start is resources. If you have hired a wedding planner then they should surely have suggestions and the next best place is: The internet. Take on friends suggestions but don’t take their word for it – ask to see portfolio’s!

Once you have found someone that you like…. Book them! Booking your hair and makeup artist in as much advance as possible is a smart idea as good stylists book up very quickly especially in the height of wedding season.

Now that you have them booked, communicate with them by asking questions and sending pictures of what you are thinking.

Don’t be afraid to annoy your stylist with too many questions, you have booked a professional for a reason so take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

When considering the style of hair and makeup for your special day remember to choose with this in mind. Look the very best version of yourself, but don’t look like someone else. Your bridal makeup is the single most important element to ensuring that the photographic memories of your most important day represent you in a polished, radiant way.

If you can spend a little extra money having a trial for your hair and makeup is a great idea. It can make things on the day a lot less stressful.

On your big day try and get your stylist to come t you at your location to eliminate travel time. This will help calm your nerves, as you are in a familiar environment and more likely to be more relaxed and comfortable.

You and your family will cherish your wedding photos for years to come. Your guests will remember you and your beauty.

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