Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney Headshot Photographer

The challenge being a Headshot Photographer is that many people think that all we do is stand you up against a white wall and tell you to smile !

I have been pondering how to get my message across for some time.  How do I best tell people about the coaching that I do.  How do I tell people that I can teach them how to look confident, approachable & cool in their Headshot sessions.  How do I tell people that the 60-90 minute session with me will give them the best Headshots they have ever had.

I saw some interesting animation a little while ago and thought that this might be a novel way to tell people what I do.  As fate would have it I met Betty Zhang from  Betty is a Graphic Designer but when I looked at her website and spoke to her further I realized she was also an animator.  Excellent I thought to myself.

Betty & I started to explore a few different concepts and were able to quite easily come up with a script.  I already had a good idea of what I wanted to say  I just needed someone with the creative nous to pull it together.

Well, that she did and the end result is here –

I am so thrilled with what she did.  She was excellent to work with and has a modern understanding of what is cool and hip in the industry.  She was able to take my fledgling concept and turn it into something tangible that is clean, interesting and modern.