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Bradkay Photographix has been a leading Gold Coast Product photographer for many years.  He is able to make your product look clean & professional for what ever medium you want to use. 

Bradkay Photographix has the full range of studio equipment, backgrounds and skill to make your products look the best they can possibly look.  If you are in need of some quality product photography for your website, brochures, advertising or e-bay look no further that Bradkay Photographix.  We know our prices are competitive and we wont be beaten for service.

We know from experience that you only get one shot at impressing visitors to your website or E-bay site.  Visitors assess your products based on their images not in minutes but in seconds.  How do your Images measure up ?  Competition is tough and you need to be able to make your products stand out and grab attention.  If you can do this you will stand a good chance of  making sales.  

We have been engaged by some of the Gold Coast leading Companies to shoot their products and we continue to strive to make their products look the best, whether its for their websites, e-bay sites or brochures and marketing.

Bradkay Photographix can deliver quality Images in his modern studio equipped for all your product photography needs.

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