The basics for a Good Modeling Portfolio

Your modelling portfolio is a true first impression of yourself as a model. Your portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person. For this reason, it is highly recommended to focus on the building of an impressive modelling portfolio that will allow you to establish a successful career as a model.

Your modelling portfolio should showcase the type of work you want to do. It should be narrowly focused to show that the model can be very good at modelling in a few related genres. A good combination of photographs should be fashion, beauty, commercial, and swim wear.

Some models may want to put a little of everything to showcase their versatility.

At the beginning of your modelling career, your portfolio should include: at least two head shots with different expressions (one that is smiling and one that is serious). At least two fashion shots (one casual and one a little more formal). A full-length shot showing the proportions of the body.

Every portfolio needs a mix of commercial and editorial shots, location and studio. You will also need at least one great body shot (professional and tasteful – editorial style is best) and one beautiful black & white head shot with minimal makeup.

A strong portfolio opens doors, a weak portfolio closes them.

Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you get the professional photographs for your portfolio that stands out from the rest and gives you the advantage. Your photographer will make you feel comfortable and their professionalism and knowledge will show through the photographs.

Here at BradKay Photographix we pride ourselves on taking exquisite and professional images.

2 girls posing in Jeans while sitting A young girl in Black & White with black background A young brunette posing in a blue bikini at sunset a blonde girl in front of a graffitti wall