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Modern grooms are now expected to participate more in the wedding planning than grooms of the past.

There is a lot more to being a groom than just showing up and getting married. Most couples treat the wedding planning process as a joint venture, and the groom may be involved in many aspects of the preparations. However there are a number of traditional groom duties.

It is conventional for a groom to wear a suit for the wedding. Whatever the groom chooses should be discussed with the fiancée, as matching colours; such as the tie colour, with the bridesmaids and overall colour scheme of the wedding.

Choosing the best man is the choice of the groom. It should be the groom’s choice as it is one of the most important groom duties. Choose someone who knows you well. It is common for the groom to buy a gift for the best man and the other groomsmen.

The groom should deliver a speech. Speaking on behalf of yourself and perhaps your wife and expressing your happiness and remembering to thank everyone involved.

Besides the traditional groom duties, there are also a number of aspects of planning the wedding which most grooms take on including sorting out the wedding cars and making arrangements for the drinks if they aren’t included in your reception package.

The groom should be responsible for arranging the transport for the whole day. Transport for the bride and her bridesmaids, parents and also transport for the groomsmen.

The bride and groom should choose who they would like to take the photographs on the day together as it is important the Gold Coast photographer suit them both and warm to them both.

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