The Headshot Guys



Bradkay Photographix are The Headshot Guys!  We are the experts in Expressions !  If you are looking for interesting, cool, clean & Professional Headshots from photographers that will take their time to understand YOUR look & coach YOU on how to look YOUR best in a Profile Image, then look no further.  We understand that 98.5% of people don’t like having their photograph taken & that 99% of people think they never look good in photographs.

The Headshot Guys know that this has nothing to do with YOU. We know that you have never been coached into the right way to stand, or how to hold your head, or YOUR best angle.  We know how to light both men & Women and we can coach YOU on what to wear. We have a full time Professional Hair & Make up artist that is available to you to assist with the shoot.

We are so confident that we can make YOU look good,

we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If YOU don’t like your Images at the shoot, you pay nothing !

So, if you are an Actor, Actress, Business Owner or Corporate Executive you can’t afford not to be looking your best in your Profile Image.

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