The Purpose of a Headshot

Today I want to talk to you about Headshots or a chance to talk to you about the purpose of your corporate Headshots. l often get asked about my style.
Corporate Headshots are really really really about your potential clients. I heard from Nik Cree he builds websites, and in talking about websites he said, websites are about
your potential clients. They are not about your current clients, as they already know who you are and what you look like.

And this rings true for Headshots as well. Once a person knows you, well then they know you as a client, they understand your personality, so it really becomes irrelevant. So a corporate Headshot is really for your potential clients that don’t know.

They don’t know anything about your business they find you somewhere, through your marketing, on LinkedIn or Instagram or Facebook or something along those lines. They might drop into your website, and they’ll visit your “About Us page”.

They don’t know you, so they’re trying to get a bit of an idea about you and decide would they potentially do business with you from your Headshot. So the purpose thing, I thing for them and for me is to impress the hell out of your potential clients. How do you do that ?

The most important thing is to look like you can actually do the job. Now, I have a lot of people come in the studio, and they talk to me about personality. I think that if you’re a professional and if you’re a professional lawyer, or financial advisor or an Accountant etc etc etc. People looking at your Corporate Headshot don’t pay too much attention to personality. I’m not looking for the lawyer with the best personality, I’m not looking for the accountant with the best personality. Im looking for the best lawyer, I’m looking for the best financial advice. I’m looking for the best marketeer.

So for me, looking for somebody that looks like the authority in their industry that looks like they can do the job is the most important thing. For me it’s about looking confident, looking like the authority. You can still be warm and approachable, without being like smiling gooba.

For me, like I said, it’s really really about your potential clients that don’t know you. Potential clients are making up their minds about you based on your expression because that’s really all you can control on your face.