Tips for Unique Product Photography – Gold Coast Photographer

Everyone wants their products to stand out. And why not?

Your products are your business and therefore most likely your lively hood.

Every product requires a professional image, whether it is for an online store or an advertisement. While a professional image on a white background looks great for catalogues, using a really unique image in an advertisement or on your homepage can really give you the edge amongst your competitors.

So how can you style your products so they stand out?

Here are some unique tips for product photography styling:

  1. Add some personality and give your product character. You can create a story to surround your product. Add props, even people to your product image so consumers can relate to it.
  1. Use different stands for your products. Instead of a plain white background why not place your products on boxes, a glass counter, mirror or a hand. Using reflective surfaces will add depth and the use of lighting to enhance the reflection can give amazing results.

 3.Hang your products. Why not try hanging your products, include different heights, depth and angles to show off various colours or sizes in the same product. This can be really attention grabbing for a consumer.

 4.Angles can create a completely different look for your product. Most product photography is shot at eye level; try some different angles to see if something unique works for your product. Your photographer will help you recognise if the product looks great or just distorted and not recognizable.


  1. Lastly, the editing process. Using a graphic designer to manipulate your professional photos to add that extra bit of uniqueness can give you some really original images.

Bradkay Photographix has the experience and knowledge to set your products apart from the rest. Contact us for more information on product photography and product styling.


A photo of Beyond can of coconut water



A silver watch on black background