What goes in to achieving great architectural photos

Architectural Photography is a very specialised type of photography which involves taking pictures of buildings; both interior and exterior as well as the spaces around the buildings. The photographer has a lot to do to bring out emotion in a non-living object. It is the art of the photographer to bring life into solid cemented structure.

With practice and a solid understanding of principles and techniques, you can develop an eye for framing, composition and lighting. There are all sorts of variables and conditions that affect architectural photography.

Your perspective and location can completely alter the way you compose your shot. Photography is all about quality of light, and weather conditions dramatically change the appearance of all buildings, both indoors and out. So before you ever begin shooting, consider the clouds.

When it comes to architectural photography, equipment does matter. You don’t need the latest and greatest, though. You need basic equipment that will push a good image into the realm of perfection.

It’s worth revisiting the subject of light, because for massive structures, you usually have very little control over illumination.

When the sun goes down a new form of architectural photography can surface. To shoot a structure as a silhouette during a sunset, position the camera between you and the sun. Night shots can be very dramatic and atmospheric, but remember to make sure there is still some light and colour left in the sky as this adds tone to the backdrop and helps illuminate details.

The morning sun will be different to the evening sun. Also rainy and cloudy weather can provide a certain mood to an architectural photo.

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A picture of Royal Pines Golf Course