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Beginner or Intermediate Workshops Available.

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Beginner Workshops
Beginner Workshops

The Beginner Workshop

A beginner workshop is for those people that want to understand the controls and basic workings of a camera.  This workshop will allow you to switch into Manual mode, which will in turn, give you a variety of Image options and possibilities in your photography.

  • Location : Gold Coast
  • Duration : 3 Hours
  • Main Topics : Shutter, ISO, Aperture
  • Focus : Portraits /  People or landscape / Seascape

Options -

  • Basic Lightroom & Photoshop - add 1 hour
  • Studio or Location
Intermediate Workshops
Intermediate Workshops

Intermediate Workshop Options

An intermediate Workshop option assumes you have the basic fundamentals of shutter speed, aperture and ISO under control and when the image requires it you can shoot in manual Mode.

An intermediate Workshop allows you to choose your desired photography area -

Choose from -

  • Studio Portraits - One Light or 2+(includes a model)
  • Location Portraits ( includes a model)
  • Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorial

Details -

  • Studio or Location - Gold Coast
  • Duration : 3 Hours
  • Main Topics : light, subject, expressions, posing, Faces
  • Focus : Portraits

Available Options -

  • Lightroom & Photoshop - add 1 hour
  • Bikini Model
Bradkay - IllanaC-179-EditOR
Beginner Workshops