How to focus on your Potential Clients with Bradkay Photographix

Today I’m going to talk about looking like the authority and looking confident in your headshots.

Last week we talked about how to Identify someone’s better side.  If you are a photographer,  you need to identify someone’s best side, really, really quickly, how do you do that.

We talked about using their hair part to figure out their better side or using their bigger eye.

How do you make somebody  look confident as well as looking like the authority ?

If you are a Corporate you need to look like you are focused on your potential clients !
Obviously, if you know anything about marketing or  about corporate headshots, you understand 
it is all about your potential client, looking at you and understanding that you are in it for them, that you are focussed on them.

All you’re really doing is squinting, depending on someone’s eyes some will need to squint more than others. Now I always shoot tethered so I am shooting into a big screen, which allows me to blow up the image really big. If you’re looking at your corporate headshots on the back of your camera screen and the image is really small,  sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to determine whether or not they have the right level of squint.

 I always shoot tethered  to a big 34 inch screen, which allows me to look at the image and allows the client to look at the image in massive size. If we think that the squinch is too much or not enough we can adjust as much or as little as we need.

If you can start to get your clients to to do a little bit of a squinch when you are shooting them they will start to look more confident, more authoritative !  I am Brad from the Headshot Guys I hope this helps.


See you next time.