Boating & Automobile Photography – Bradkay Photographix

Before you shoot a boat or automobile; scout out a location.

Select a location depending on the background you would like to add in your shot. When you are looking for a nice location remember that bright colours in the background will draw attention away from your main subject…the car or boat.

If you are shooting an SUV or off-road vehicle stay away from trees, they can give some strange reflections on the shiny bodywork.

Get some inspiration from car and boat magazines. Have a look through the magazines and think about the images that were published. With experience comes ability to see an image in your head before you actually take it, this can be very useful when shooting a car or boat outside, and on your first shoot this could be a challenge.

Make sure the car or boat you are photographing has been detailed. If it is dirty it will show up in the shot and need retouching. Check the tires if you are shooting a car, they should have no marks on the side, also when the tread is in view make sure no small gravel remains in it, this gives a very untidy impression in your shot.

When shooting the interior of the car or boat, make sure the seats are clean, no marks or streaks on the leather, the carpets or floor has been meticulously cleaned so no dirt is visible. Make sure you put the steering wheel straight. For a boat you can also style inside or deck – add props like a towel, food platter, wine so the viewer can picture themselves in it.

Make sure you shoot your subject at all angles necessary, this means you should at least shoot the following ones: front ¾ view, rear ¾ view, full side view, full front view, full rear view, engine shot, dashboard and interior shot. After you have these shots you can get creative and try different angles and attitudes, don’t hesitate to get low to the ground or use a stepladder to get a higher point of view on the car or boat.

These are just a few hints and tips on how to create a great photograph of automobiles and boats. It is important to create a crisp image especially when using the photographs for marketing.

BradKay Photographix have photographed many automobiles and boats and by just having a look through their portfolio it will be clear how professional these images are.

Large  boat on the water main cabin in expensive boat