How important is personality in a wedding photographer?

The art of photography is more than pointing and shooting a camera. A successful photographer needs to have certain characteristics such as a pleasant personality.

A photographer should have a knack for making their clients feel relaxed and comfortable especially when you are shooting a wedding.

It can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience choosing the perfect photographer for your special day. When hiring a wedding photographer, don’t hire someone you don’t really like on a personal basis. Your photographer is going to be a very substantial participant in your wedding day, not only capturing your memories, but becoming a big part of them. Make sure you feel comfortable with the personality of your photographer. If you find that your photographer is irritating or abrasive, keep looking until you find the perfect photographer. You don’t want to look at your wedding photos and think they really got on your nerves. Your day is about your happiness.

The number one mistake to avoid when hiring a wedding photographer is to listen to everyone else. Your best friend may have loved her photographer and your sister-in-law swears by her photographer so you meet with both of them and their portfolios are lovely but you just don’t mesh with them. Your photographer will be with you all day from beginning to end so it is important that you get along with them and enjoy their company. Your instincts will tell you a whole lot. Do your research and meet with as many as you need to before you make your decision.

The most beautiful photo in the world won’t mean as much if your memory of the photographer experience sours it.

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